Samsung, started on October 1 in 1948, has played an important role in the needle industry of the world as a needle supplier with the one goal of making the domestic needle the best and advanced needle in the world. Providing excellent quality of needles for 65 years, Samsung are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Circular Machines Needles, Hosiery Machines Needles, Links Needles, Flat Machines Needle, Transfer Needle, Raschel Machine Needle, Sinker and Jacks.


E-Hwa, a well-established firm, having over 30 years of experience, is a leading manufacturer and exporter. E-Hwa mainly makes many kinds of machine parts for Texturizing, Knitting, Open-End (OE) Spinning, Ring Spinning, Two-for-One (TFO) Twisting, Weaving and Cone Winding Machines and specially for PU friction discs, Ceramic discs, Rollers, Cams, Zirconia Yarn Carriers and Ceramic Yarn Guides. E-Hwa has a carefully engineered combination of performance characteristics that allows them to meet the customer's requirements efficiently and economically.


Poplar has seen 40 years of continual growth due to its solid financial position, competent management team, and ability to adapt to changing market conditions.Therefore, Poplar is now a global producer of stain, frit, on-glass color, and glass color for a wide range of application in the ceramic and glass industry. Moreover, Poplar has chemical, dental, and concrete additive divisions that supply a diverse portfolio of products such as transfer paper, alumina hydrate, dental alloy, and water reducing agent for use across a multitude of industries.